Salads & Potatoes

Simple, freshly prepared salads, vegetables and potatoes using locally sourced produce.

Great to add to pretty much anything on the menu to offer your guests a nice little bit of variety.

Fresh salads:

  • Dressed green salad with tomato and cucumber, garnished with pan-fried chunky croutons (v)
  • Mixed tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil salad (v)
  • Roasted beetroot, roasted red onion, rocket and toasted sunflower seeds (v)
  • Italian pesto pasta with olives and cherry tomatoes (v)
  • Traditional creamy coleslaw (v)
  • Charred broccoli dressed with chilli and soy (v)
  • Potato salad with horseradish, lemon, spring onion and extra-virgin rapeseed oil (v)
  • Greek salad with tomato, cucumber, peppers and crumbled feta, dressed with olive oil (v)
  • Harissa couscous, with dried fruits & herbs (v)

Warm potato dishes:

  • Buttered and minted Hampshire new potatoes (v)
  • Fried potato with chorizo and basil
  • Garlic and fresh herb sauté potatoes (v)
  • Fried potato with bacon and watercress
  • Sauté potatoes with caramelised onions and herbs
  • Warmed Mediterranean potato salad